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Course Outlines Winter 2017
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COMP 1005B
COMP 1405
Introduction to Computer Science I
Dave McKenney
COMP 1406B
Introduction to Computer Science II
Jamal Abdali
COMP 1501A
Introduction to Computer Game Design
Robert Collier
COMP 1805B
Introduction to Discrete Structures
Milica Stojmenovic
COMP 1805C
Discrete Structures I
Robert Collier
COMP 2401
Introduction to Systems Programming
Doron Nussbaum
COMP 2402B
Abstract Data Types and Algorithms
Jamal Abdali
COMP 2404B
Introduction to Software Engineering
Christine Laurendeau
COMP 2501A
Computer Game Design and Development
Robert Collier
COMP 2601A
Tony White
COMP 2804B
Michiel Smid
COMP 3000
Michel Barbeau
COMP 3002A
Wilf Lalonde
COMP 3004B
Object-Oriented Software Engineering
Christine Laurendeau
COMP 3005B
Mengchi Liu
COMP 3007
Andrew Runka
COMP 3008A
Human-Computer Interaction
Robert Biddle
COMP 3804B
MATH 3804
Design and Analysis of Algorithms I
Sander Verdonschot
COMP 4106
Dr. John Oommen
COMP 4108B
Paul Van Oorschot
COMP 4601A
Tony White
COMP 4804A
Pat Morin
COMP 5008
Michiel Smid
COMP 5305W
Mengchi Liu
COMP 5407W
Paul Van Oorschot
COMP 5900Y
Oliver van Kaick