Lou Nel
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Database Teaching Tool
Students, when taking their first databases course, are often exposed to various aspects of database creation presented in individual blocks. They are rarely given the opportunity to see the process of building a database in action, and its development from start to finish. This project aims to provide a thoroughly documented, functioning example of the entire process, thus putting together all of the individual aspects of database construction that students learn in the classroom setting. It takes them from the problems statement, through the design stage, to implementation and testing, allowing them to learn about ER models, SQLite, and query logic. All aspects of the tutorial have been explained and annotated in order to give students an idea of the thought process and workflow required in modelling and implementing a database. The tutorial provides students with an example of a simple database and provides adequate information and resources so that they should feel comfortable creating a relational database using SQLite on their own from any problem statement.
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The following files are included in the zip file Gulliver_DanielleHP: Gulliver_DanielleHPReport is the report trains.sql is the code associated with the project HonoursUML1.3 is the ER Model which was used to create the database, and is included and explained in the report TrainSchedule is the schedule which the database was modeled after, and is included and explained in the report TrainStations is an image of the map which the database was modeled after, and is included and explained in the report