Carleton University - School of Computer Science Honours Project
Winter 2017
An Interactive Explanation of the Process Homeostasis Anomaly Detection Algorithm
Brandon Leigh-Bennett
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Computer systems lack in the ability to recognize and respond to malicious program behaviour. The Process Homeostasis Algorithm, as developed by Anil Somayaji, outlines a method whereby anomalous (and therefore potentially harmful) program behaviour can be detected. A fundamental concept in the algorithm is 'lookahead pairs' – groupings of system calls. While this concept is fairly simple, it has proven difficult to impart on readers or listeners through static text or diagrams alone. Modern technology offers fast and accessible visually-interactive programs which can aid in the learning process, provided the software engages with the reader effectively. This report provides a detailed look into interactive explanations, and the associated project provides an interactive explanation of the Process Homeostasis Algorithm in a device-agnostic, single-page web application.