Carleton University - School of Computer Science Honours Project
Winter 2017
Jamble: Multi-Source Music Player
Skyler De Francesca
SCS News Image
Jamble is a multi-source music player application for Android. It combines two different music sources – music from Spotify, and audio from the phone's music library – into a single music player application. With this application, the user can query any audio file stored on their device, or absolutely any song from Spotify's vast music library, and play the selected song from within the application. Jamble uses Spotify's Android SDK to provide user authentication, allowing any registered Spotify user to log in to their account from within the application. Users with a paid Spotify account (Spotify Premium) are granted access to play Spotify songs, while other users can query Spotify's library, but won’t be able to play songs from Spotify. The project also includes a tutorial series on how to build Jamble. This tutorial series will cover many different topics of interest including but not limited to: accessing data from internal storage, accessing and deserializing JSON data from Spotify's Web-API, user authentication with Spotify, creating media players, and working with multiple APIs.