Carleton University - School of Computer Science Honours Project
Fall 2017
Antony Tamer
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Natural gas has been around for forever. It was first discovered in America in the 17th century. The first really practical car ever invented ran on gasoline. Ever since then, gas has become one of the most important natural resources that drives our society’s economy worldwide. The greatest way that humans interact with gas, is by filling up their transportation vehicles. It happens so often, that it effects everyone with a vehicle and with that being said, it raises certain problems that we as humans face everyday. FuelMe is an application that introduces a newly designed solution to a long lasted problem involving filling up gas from gas stations. The readers of this research will acquire knowledge regarding basic software definitions, design patterns, architectural styles, functional and non-functional requirements, basic user interface designs associated with the application and tests conducted on the product to analyze important aspects of the software such as the usability. By the end of this paper, readers will have learned of the motivation and rationale behind the app, the methodologies and approaches that were used and they will understand the results achieved.