Carleton University - School of Computer Science Honours Project
Fall 2017
Sneaker Size
Jacob Perks
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With the boom in sneaker culture and online sneaker shopping, the market is becoming more and more competitive. Companies now sell sneakers in limited supply releases, with a very high demand. It has become increasingly difficult for consumers to purchase sneakers online, let alone be confident in such a simple decision as shoe sizing. In this project I have set out to help sneaker enthusiasts by creating an incredibly simple to use, centralised platform for sneaker sizing. This consisted of two main pieces of functionality: being able to view authentic user submitted sizing advice for specific sneaker models, as well as submitting your own advice, and being able to determine your own shoe size using a custom camera view. One of the main focusses of my work was exploring mobile design principles to ensure the user interface/user experience was clean, refreshing, and above all user friendly. I also explored current solutions in shoe size measuring and created two working methods. My final implementation involved simply taking a photo of a user’s foot with a quarter next to it, and an accurate shoe size being generated based on the foot’s length and width.