Carleton University - School of Computer Science Honours Project
Fall 2017
Relay: An Application for Creating and Viewing Articles
Theophilus Jeffrey Ali
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When smartphones were first introduced, they instantly took the world by storm particularly in the way society consumed information. Nowadays, a person’s smartphone is a worthy complement to courses, books, and computers when it comes to cultivating knowledge. There are thousands of mobile apps that exist today with the purpose of aiding one’s learning experience. Relay is an Android mobile app that aims to do exactly that. With Relay, users can share their knowledge on any topic. It could be an article containing the 20 important terms in DNA replication, tips on how to solve a statically indeterminate beam problem, or a helpful analogy for understanding pointers in programming. This app aims to create a portable and accessible platform where users can read, write, and share articles. Whether it's sitting on the train, during a lunch break, or waiting between classes, Relay is intended for delivering short bursts of knowledge to the user. The app however does not replace conventional learning resources but rather complements them by strengthening a user’s familiarity of a subject. While conventional learning resources attempt to convey information to the general population, articles shared among fellow learners can be more effective due to peer relatability.