Carleton University - School of Computer Science Honours Project
Fall 2017
LetsGo Events App
Abdulbadi Sabir
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‘LetsGo’ is an IOS app where people can either create events, setting the time, location, description, limitations (age, gender…) or they can join nearby events which are created by other users using the App. Examples of such events can include a soccer match, for instance if a group of 16 individuals need to find another 6 in order to make it an 11 vs 11 match up, or a board game, where 1 person can create an event of size 4 to play a board game that requires 4 people, or any other type of outing/activity where the user is short on people/is looking for others that share their interests and are willing to participate in that activity. Each user is assigned a rating which reflects their punctuality and sociability. Swift, Php and Sql are used (Xcode, Apache and Mysql).