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Tony White
Honours Project Title: 
Schedula - A University/College Course Scheduling Application for the iOS Platform
Every year, students in post-secondary education have to decide the courses they need/ want to take. This decision will be based off of their degree specifications, outside priorities, and preferences. After this decision, they then will need to build their course schedules depending on all of the possible time slots and sections for each course. This can be very stressful, difficult, and time consuming. Carleton University is an example of one of the many universities/colleges that does not have a tool that produces all of the possible course schedules for you. Schedula is an application that allows for a student to select all of the courses they want/need to take, and then select a preferred time that they would rather attend classes (e.g. morning, afternoon, night), select specific times during the week that they are not able to attend classes (e.g. 2:30 PM - 5:30 PM, hockey practice), and select full days of the week that they are not able to attend classes. Based off of the courses that the student has selected and their selected preferences, Schedula will generate all of the course schedules that are possible.
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Upload description: 
The upload consists of the Schedula source code in a .ZIP file along with the project report .PDF separate from the .ZIP file.